Presto Commercial Kitchen Mixer – PM-10

Jump into the kitchen, turn on your Presto PM-10 Commercial Kitchen Mixer and ….PRESTO! You’ve got a great recipe well on it’s way to the clients door! With the 10 quart capacity, 3 speeds and silent operation, you’ll be whipping up delicious products in no time. Complete with stainless wire whip,¬†aluminum¬†dough hook and flat beater bar, the PM-10 Commercial Kitchen Mixer by Presto will impress! With side mounted controls, the Presto PM10 comes with a separate start, timer and emergency stop button.

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  • Model PM-10
  • 20 Quart Capacity
  • 1/2 Horsepower Motor
  • 3 Speeds
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty – 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • Timer & Emergency Stop Button
  • Owner’s Manual

The Presto PM-10 Commercial Kitchen Mixer measures 13-inches width by 30-inches height by 15-inches depth.



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