Cuisinart 7 Quart Stand Mixer – SM-70

Power through the most daunting kitchen mixing tasks with the Cuisinart SM-70 Stand Mixer. Supplying you with an amazing 12 speed mixing capability powered by a whopping 1000 watt motor. Accommodating up to 7 quarts, you will have plenty of room to mix your favorite recipes. The Cuisinart SM-70 Kitchen Stand Mixer will give you the flexibility you need to complete every kitchen mixing task with ease.

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  • Model SM-70
  • 12 speed controls
    Offer a variety of mixing options.
  • 1000-watt motor
    Provides enough power to easily blend ingredients.
  • Stainless-steel mixing bowl
    Holds up to 7 quarts to accommodate large recipes.
  • Automatic shutoff
    With 15-minute countdown timer automatically shuts off for safety.
  • Dough hook
    Kneads yeast dough for bread and pizza recipes.
  • Owner’s Manual


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